SDEN - a new Secure Document Exchange Network Built using the latest in Enterprise-class blockchain technology. The next generation of secure document transport is here.

What is SDEN?

The SDEN network is a permissioned blockchain network that allows one party to securely transmit documents to another. It's built on three key components - identity, security, and distributed ledger technology.


In order to transact on the SDEN network, one must establish an identity. Unlike open networks like Bitcoin, an SDEN identity must contain real identifying information of an individual or business. This means you always know who you’re transacting with.


We built SDEN with security and compliance in mind. Data is transferred using the latest in cryptographic protocols. Once the transfer is complete, the data is immediately deleted from SDEN servers. All that remains is a hash version of the document for verification.

Distributed Ledger

Every SDEN transaction is recorded on an immutable ledger that is distributed across multiple compliant technology vendors and network participants. Unlike open blockchains, a user can only access records they took part in. This means your transactions are private while still benefiting from the trustless architecture the blockchain provides.

Why we are building it

We know secure document transport. We learned all about it while building one of the most advanced cloud fax platforms. What we realized is building the best version of something that is inherently flawed (fax protocol) is not enough. After exploring many new potential ways to improve document transport, we realized that blockchain technology has the potential to power a new generation of document workflow products that are more secure, reliable, and cost efficient than what we have today. We see SDEN as a building block towards that vision.



    Fax protocol is not a 100% protocol. Never has been, never will be. The move to internet has actually made fax reliability worse. We’ve all been there - transmissions fail, pages come out with lines across the page or cut off, color not supported etc. SDEN solves this by not relying on telephony to transmit data. Our goal is 100% reliability.


    Faxes take around 60 seconds per page on average to transmit. That means large documents can sometimes take hours to fax. SDEN transmissions are ultra fast.


    Since fax protocol is dependant on phone lines, you are limited to send/receive the amount of concurrent documents by the number of open phone lines. SDEN eliminates busy signals, call concurrency limits, and many other limitations of fax. Easily scale to millions of document transfers without breaking a sweat.